РЕКОМЕНДАЦИИ В20,выработанные под турецким председательством

«Целевая Группа «Торговля как фактор роста» представила свои рекомендации по наиболее актуальным вопросам мировой торговли во время Саммита «Деловой двадцатки» в Санкт-Петербурге 20 июня 2013»

20 June, 2013, Saint-Petersburg: Trade as a Growth Driver Taskforce presented recommendations on the most challenging problems of the global trade agenda during the B20 Summit. The B20 Trade as a Growth Driver Taskforce presented a set of practical, results-oriented recommendations for the forthcoming G20 Summit in September 2013 and discussed them with representatives of the global business community, Pascal Lamy, Director-General of WTO and Angel Gurria, Secretary-General of OECD during the B20 Summit in Saint-Petersburg.

Taskforce co-chairman Alexei Mordashov stressed that under current renewed economic pressures when the capacity for fiscal and monetary stimulus is becoming increasingly exhausted all over the world, the trade-related supply-side measures which are in most cases budget-neutral should be the most sought-after policy response at the global level.

B20 Trade Taskforce recommendations are built around finalizing the elements of the Doha Development Agenda that enjoy most universal consensus and have the highest potential to boost growth and jobs, such as the Trade Facilitation Agreement.

Taskforce co-chairman Harold McGraw III stressed that in today’s world of interconnected global supply chains, where goods cross borders multiple times, reducing the physical, administrative, and other informal barriers to the movement of goods will provide a much needed stimulus to international trade, boost economic growth, and create new jobs. B20 Trade Taskforce recommends that the G20 governments should commit to the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement, and ensure that it is signed at the forthcoming Bali WTO Ministerial in December.

Taskforce co-chairman Yu Ping presented key recommendations on stepping up G20 efforts in fighting protectionism. Four years after the outbreak of the global economic and financial crisis, the message the B20 Trade Taskforce will present to the G20 leadership is clear: The argument of the crisis cannot be used any longer to reintroduce trade restrictions—the negative effects of the accumulation of protectionist measures must be emphasized. The G20 should extend the deadline for standstill and monitoring protectionism beyond 2014, strengthen the monitoring system, and ensure full respect of existing multilateral trade commitments.

On behalf of B20 Trade Taskforce co-chairwoman Emma Marcegaglia noted that looking at the mid-term policy agenda B20 Trade Taskforce recommendations are focused on new ways to strengthen the compatibility of preferential trade arrangements with WTO rules and disciplines and increasing transparency in their design.

Pascal Lamy supported the B20 Trade Taskforce recommendations and in particular its practical edge. He also stressed that the proposed steps in the trade facilitation area are the low -hanging fruits in the global trade agenda and offer a clear example of win-win policies. Their execution will depend on political leadership which should be demonstrated by G20 leaders. Their large potential economic gains are incomparable with the costs required to undertake these reforms. As global supply chains expand, the pot of value that will be created with signing of Trade Facilitation Agreement also expands.

Angel Gurría stressed that trade should be seen as a locomotive for driving the world economy, particularly since most  major economies no longer have the option of using fiscal and monetary measures to boost growth. “We’re short of growth, short of jobs, short of trust. We need something to shake us up”, said Angel Gurria.  Structural measures, like the conclusion of a Trade Facilitation Agreement, could create 21 million jobs, mostly in G20 countries, he said.

Welcoming the launch of new free trade negotiations between the EU and the US at the recent G8 summit, Mr. Gurría made an impassioned call to Europeans and Americans to conclude an ambitious, broad ranging agreement, which would provide a much needed impetus in terms of growth, job creation and trust.

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