B20 results so far

Four B20 meeting have been organized to put forward recommendations for G20 leaders: In Toronto in June 2010, in Seoul in November 2010, in Cannes in November 2011, and in Los Cabos in June 2012.


Toronto G20 Business Summit

In Toronto, the B20 addressed the following issues:

  • Recession and recovery;
  • Risk and regulation in the financial services sector;
  • Drivers of sustainable growth;
  • The future of G20 private sector cooperation.

 Recommendations were summed up in the Chairman’s Summary


 Seoul G20 Business Summit

The Seoul G20 Business Summit was a global forum where approximately 120 top business leaders from G20 and some non-G20 countries collaboratively addressed “the Role of Business for Sustainable and Balanced Growth.” The Business Summit consists of roundtable sessions bringing together members of 12 working groups:

  • Working Group on Revitalizing World Trade
  • Working Group on Encouraging Foreign Direct Investment
  • Working Group on Funding and Nurturing the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Sector
  • Working Group on Supporting Economic Growth and the Implications for Financial Sector Policy and Regulatory Reforms
  • Working Group on Reducing Monetary and Fiscal Stimulus
  • Working Group on Closing the Gap in Infrastructure and Natural Resource Funding
  • Working Group on Improving Energy Efficiency
  • Working Group on Encouraging Substantial Use of Renewable and Low-Carbon Energy
  • Working Group on Creating Green Jobs
  • Working Group on Unleashing Technology-Enabled Productivity Growth
  • Working Group on Addressing the Impact of Youth Unemployment
  • Working Group on Increasing Access to Healthcare in Developing Economies

 Recommendations were summed up in the Seoul G20 Business Summit Joint Statement by Participating Companies and Preliminary Findings and Recommendations from Participants

 This paper reviewed in great detail the state of affairs in each of these 12 areas and provided recommendations for action to improve that situation by governments, the private sector, and government and business working together in partnership.


Cannes B20 Business Summit
After the successful B20 Summit which took place in Seoul in 2010, France consolidated the progress.

 The B20 was organized around twelve topics, crucial to the Business community and the G20. The Presidents of the business confederations of the G20 countries, as well as 120 CEOs and Chairmen from a number of global companies gathered in 12 working groups co-chaired by a company CEO and a President of business organization to elaborate concrete recommendations to be presented to the Head of State and Government and taken into account in the G20 final conclusions.


B20 priorities: 

  • Economic Policies; 
  • Financial Regulation; 
  • International Monetary System; 
  • Commodities and Raw Materials; 
  • Development and Food Security;
  • Employment and Social Dimension;
  • Anti-Corruption;
  • Trade and Investment;
  • ICT and Innovation;
  • Global Governance;
  • Energy;
  • Green Growth.

 B20 CEOs, including the 20 members of ICC’s G20 Advisory Group, presented policy recommendations to G20 heads of state participating in the business summit.

 Recommendations were summed up in Cannes B20 Summit Final Report

 B20 and L20 also issued a Joint Statement


B20 Los Cabos summit
In preparation for the Mexican summit B20 members collaborated in seven groups to generate recommendations for the G20 leaders:

  • Trade and investment
  • Employment
  • Improving transparency 
  • Food security 
  • Green growth 
  • Information and communication technologies and innovation 
  • Financing for growth and development

 A special Task Force on Advocacy and Impact was established to monitor and measure impact of B20 recommendations and G20 decisions.

 The recommendations are summed up in the B20 Task Force Recommendations of June 2012. 


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