B20 Publishes its Recommendations to G20

The B20 has released the 'Green book' with the draft of its recommendations to G20 and invites a wide range of stakeholders to consultations on how to foster economic recovery and global rebalancing. The Russian G20 Presidency is committed to harnessing G20 political will for generating strong, sustainable, and balanced growth. The B20 shares the Russian Presidency's overarching priorities of generating growth through sound macroeconomic policies, investment and quality jobs, transparency and trust, and effective regulation.

As the B20 Chair, the RSPP's objectives are that the B20 recommendations reflect business interests, underpin the Russian G20 agenda priorities, and help promote the G20-B20 shared objective of global growth. Through the work of the Task Forces the B20 focused on the topics of investment and infrastructure; financial system – restoring confidence and growth; trade as a growth driver; innovation and development as a global priority; jobs creation, employment and investments in human capital; transparency and anti-corruption. The Task Forces brought together leading CEOs and representatives of business organizations from the G20 members, heads of international organizations and expert partners. The agreed-upon draft recommendations are the results of the B20 members' intense deliberations.

The B20 puts forward these draft recommendations for consultation with business leaders and the G20 in the mid-term of the summit preparation process, with a hope that this early intervention will allow sufficient time for the G20-B20 constructive engagement on how these recommendations can be translated into G20 decisions aimed to promote sustained and inclusive growth.

These recommendations will be discussed at the B20 Summit to be held in the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on June 20, 2013. The feedback received prior and during the B20 Summit will be reflected in the 'White book' to be published on the eve of the G20 Summit on September 5-6.

Download Book (Pdf, 6.2 Mb)

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