Transparency and Anti-Corruption

Task Force is setting the main objectives: to involve more companies and business associations from the BRICS countries, including Russia; to raise awareness of the B20 and the work of the Task Force beyond its immediate participants; to institutionalise aspects of the B20/G20 relationship and the B20 Task Force itself in order to ensure continuity beyond 2013 and a smooth transition to the Presidency of Australia. The members of Task Force can't be satisfied with just producing documents and making recommendations – business, working closely with government, should have the more ambitious goal of achieving measurable impact on the ground, in G20 countries and beyond.

Task Force Work streams

1. Ensuring Transparency in Public Procurement
This includes the theme of "Solicitation" which was identified as a high priority by the G20. The topic of High-level reporting mechanism will move in to this Work stream. The OECD and the Basel Institute will jointly lead the work on the High Level Reporting Mechanism as a sub-project of the procurement work stream. Leader: Sandy Merber (GE). WS members:  Fabrizio Pagani (OECD), Danielle Cannata (SABIC), Futhi Mtoba (BUSA), Gretta Fenner (Basel Institute of Governance), Huguette Labelle (TI), Dimitri Vlassis (UNODC)

2. Promoting, extending and implementing Collective Action initiatives
This Work stream will focus on the implementation of the Los Cabos recommendation to create a "Collective Action Hub" which could be operational by the end of 2013. Leader:  Lee Tashjian (Fluor). WS members:  Sabine Zindera (Siemens), Gretta Fenner (Basel Institute of Governance), Massimo Montovani (ENI)

3. Creating business programmes to build capacity in the value chain
This Work stream will merge the work previously done in Work streams 4 and 5. In addition to focusing on capacity building of SMEs, it will also look at capacity building of big companies of supporting SME awareness of compliance within their supply chains. The Work stream will continue to develop awareness of corporate training programmes, but will add in the role of business education. Leader:  Viviane Schiavi (ICC). WS members:  Huguette Labelle (TI), Sandy Merber (GE), Fredrik Galtung (Mahindra and Mahindra), Ivan Tyagoun (KPMG)

4. Strengthening the legislative and regulatory framework
This Work stream will merge the work previously done in Work streams 3 and 6. It will include issues previously discussed such as engaging the private sector in UNCAC and OECD reviews of legislation, self-reporting, avoiding disincentives such as double jeopardy and can add other areas of business concern such as whistleblower protection. Leader: Massimo Mantovani (ENI SpA). WS members:  Dmitri Vlassis (UNODC), Huguette Labelle (TI), Vivianne Schiavi (ICC), Fabrizio Pagani (OECD)

5. Implementing and sharing best practices in Russia
This new Work stream will develop the main themes of the Task Force on the ground in Russia and feed in recommendations to the other Works streams in advance of  the B20 Summit. Leader: To be decided. WS members:  Boris Tkachenko (IBLF), Elena Abramova (Russia), Elena Panfilova (TI), Roger Munnings (AFK Sistema)


CEO/Chairman/Senior level representative

TF representative internationally

TF Russia

AFK Sistema

Anna Goldin, Vice President

Roger Munnings, Member of the Board

Alexey Barsegian, Managing Director Legal

American Chamber of Commerce



Andrew Somers, President; Tatyana Raguzina, Executive Vice President

Baker & McKenzie


Paul Melling, Senior Partner

Sergey Voitishkin, Managing Partner

Basel Institute on Governance

Mark Pieth, President

Gretta Fenner, CEO


Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)

Mohammed Al Mady, CEO

John Dearborn Vice President Americas, Danielle Cannata, International Trade Counsel


Boston Consulting Group (BCG)



Sergey Perapechka, Principal, Moscow Vladislav Boutenko, Partner and Managing Director, Moscow
Andrej Levin, Consultant, Hamburg

Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC)

Charles Heeter, Chairman (Global Regulatory and Public Policy
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited)



Business Unity South Africa

Futhi Mtoba, Vice President, Co-Chairman of the TF (Deloitte Chairman – Africa Board)




Steve Almond, Chairman & CEO


David Owen, CEO; Oleg Shvyrkov, Director – Corporate Governance, Corporate Finance

Dragoman Pty Ltd

John Fast, Joint Managing Director






Johan Vanderplaetse, General Manager, CEE and CIS Region; Olga Samoilenko, Head of Legal department


Giuseppe Recchi, Chairman of the Board

Massimo Mantovani, General Counsel Legal Affairs - Senior Executive Vice President; Michele de Rosa, Antibribery, Sustainability and Internal Control System Legal Assistance (TLPAS)


Ernst & Young

James Turley, Chairman & CEO


Alexander Ivlev, Managing Partner, Denis Kamyshev, Partner, Advisory


Enery Quinones, Chief Compliance Officer

Nienke Oomes, Lead Economist for Russia

Forbes Lindsay, Director for Industry, Commerce and Agriculture in Russia Natalia Khanjenkova, Managing Director for Russia
Orlov Alexander, Director for Government Relations in Russia

Federation of Korean Industries

Chang Soo Huh, Chairman



Fluor Corporation

David Seaton, President & CEO

Lee Tashjian, Special Adviser to the President



Ferdinando Becalli Falco, CEO

Sandy Merber, Counsel, International Trade Regulation and Sourcing

Evgeniy Luzov, General Counsel Russia


Adi Godrej, CEO




Bo Risberg, CEO


Vladi Mosny, General Manager Russia

Industrial Investors

Sergei Generalov, President



International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF)

Mark Foster, Chairman

Brook Horowitz, Director Business Standards

Boris Tkachenko, Head of Moscow office, Elena Abramova, Programme Manager

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

Gerard Worms, Chairman

Viviane Schiavi, Senior Policy Director for CR and Anti-corruption, Francois Vincke, Chairman of Corporate Responsibility and Anti-corruption



Andrei Bougrov, Senior Managing Director, Interros Company


Alexander Astapovich, Advisor to Senior Managing Director; Elena Shtykanova, Advisor to Senior Managing Director


Michael Andrew, Chairman


Oleg Goshchansky, Senior Partner KPMG for Russia and the CIS; Nigel Layton, CIS Head of Forensic; Ivan Tyagoun, Partner, Forensic; Shirshov Dmitry, Managing Director of Business Development in Russia and CIS

Mahindra and Mahindra

Arun Nanda, Director, Confederation of Indian Industry

Fredrik Galtung, CEO of Integrity Action


Moscow City

Andrei Sharonov, Deputy Moscow Mayor on Economic Policy


Michael Pryadilnikov, Head, Department of Coordination of Moscow Economic Policy and Development

New Economic School



Sergey Stepanov, Professor


Nicola Bonucci, Director Legal Affairs

Fabrizio Pagani, Head of Sherpa Office, General Secretariat, Nejla Saula, Legal adviser Sherpa Office


Oil Tech Group

Dmitry Vasilkov, Board Member






Arjan De Jongste, CEO, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Central Asia; Elena Syabrenko, GR, Strategy and Business Development Director, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and kazakhstan

Rio Tinto

Tom Albanese, CEO

Vicky Bowman, Global Practice Leader, External Affairs


Russian Machines Corporation

Alexander Filatov, CEO



Sakhalin Energy Investment Company

Andrei Galaev, CEO


Ivan Chernyakhovskiy, Deputy Director, Department of Corporate Communications; Levchenko Alexander, Corporate Secretary


German Gref, President of Executive Board






Dmitry Kolobov, Director Coproate Strategy

Siemens AG

Peter Solmssen, Member of the Managing Board and General Counsel

Sabine Zindera, VP Corporate Legal and Compliance; Birgit Forstnig-Errath, Director Collective Action

Sergey Krylov, VP for Government Affairs; Diyas Assanov, Chief Compliance Officer

Sinara Group

Mikhail Khodorovsky, CEO


Sergey Papin, Member of the Board; Igor Khmelevskiy, Member of the Board


Vladimir Rashevsky, CEO


Alexander Dolgopolov, Chief Audit Executive


Maxim Nogotkov, President






Georgiy Polyakov, Head of External Relations

Transparency International

Huguette Labelle, Chair of the Board

Susan Cote-Freeman, Programme Manager,Research & Knowledge Department; Angela McClellan, Senior Programme Coordinator

Yelena Panfilova, Director General, TI Russia

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

Yuriy Fedotov, Executive Director

Dimitri Vlassis, Chief, Corruption & Economic Crime branch, Julia Pilgrim, Division for Treaty Affairs


Ural Lokomotives



Tretjakov Konstantin, Head of Compliance Department


Sergey Vykhodtsev, Owner



World Economic Forum

Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman

Alex Wong, Senior Director; Elaine Dezenski, Senior Director, Partnering Against Corruption Initiative



Key priorities of the Transparency and Anticorruption Task Force

• To review and monitor the implementation of the action plan agreed by the B20 Task Force at Los Cabos;
• To draw up practical recommendations from the B20 Task Force to the leaders of the G20 about how business and government should work together on improving transparency and anti-corruption;
• To facilitate coordination between initiatives of private sector, governments and international organizations in the anti-corruption field;
• To share and disseminate the best anti-corruption practices;
• To develop anti-corruption programs for SMEs;
• To initiate collective actions of governments and business to provide transparency of public procurement and public-private partnership in combating corruption in sensitive industries




Task Force 

Other events 



17:  Plenary Session of the B20 TF on Transparency and Anti-Corruption (Moscow)



25-26: G20 Anti-corruption WG meeting (Moscow)

26: B20-G20 on Anti-Corruption Joint meeting (Moscow) 




25: Executive Summary of recommendations



25-26: 3rd High Level Conference on  Joining Forces against Corruption: G20 Business and Government (Paris)

26: Plenary Session of the B20 TF on Transparency and Anti-Corruption and Joint meetings B20 & G20 & OECD on Anti-Corruption (Paris)

18: Non-Executive Directors Forum: The role of Boards in Managing Corruption Risk (Moscow)    




15: Complete version of recommendations

(Executive Summary plus Analytical Materials)




19 or 20:  Plenary Session of the B20 TF on Transparency and Anti-Corruption (St. Petersburg)

20-22: St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) (St. Petersburg)






5/6: G20 Summit (St. Petersburg)






TBC: Hand over to Australia







3rd Session of the Task Force on Transparency and Anti-corruption took place within the B20 Summit held in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg.  On Thursday 20th June, the 3rd Session of the Task Force on Transparency and Anti-corruption took place within the B20 Summit held in St. Petersburg.

The Task Force Chairman, Andrei Bougrov, Vice President of Interros Company and Norilsk Nickel, opened the session. The Task Force, he said, comprised over 50 companies from the G20 countries, as well as business associations and multilateral agencies. The number of companies, their enthusiasm and energy in working together on drawing up the B20 recommendations reflected the acute concern that the business community feels about corruption.

Third Annual High-Level Anti-Corruption Conference for G20 Governments and Business

This Conference, organised jointly by the G20 Russian Presidency and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), with the support of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), brought together more than 300 high-level government and business representatives, as well as civil society, to examine best practices for combating corruption.

Corruption is a threat to markets, public trust, and the rule of law, and requires governments and business to work together. For this reason, both G20 governments and business have committed to joining forces against corruption, as called for by the G20 Leaders in Los Cabos. To this end, the Conference discussed the priorities laid out in the 2013-2014 G20 Anti-Corruption Action Plan and Business 20 (B20) Recommendations to Governments. It also built on the outcomes of the two previous High-Level Anti-corruption Conferences in Paris 2011 and Puerto Vallarta 2012.

B20 Task Force on Improving Transparency and Anti-corruption presents its recommendations to the G20 Sherpas

Brook Horowitz, Director of Business Standards with International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) presented the B20 recommendations on Improving Transparency and Anti-corruption to a meeting of the G20 Sherpas on May 11-12, brought together to prepare for the G20 Summit in St. Petersburg later this year. The Sherpas are the senior representatives of the Heads of State of the G20 countries.
The B20 recommendations to the G20 focus on four areas where business can and should be part of the solution:
•Enhancing the dialogue between the B20 and the G20 and strengthening the role of the B20.
•Combating the solicitation of bribes.
•Training and capacity building for companies, SMEs, and public officials.
•Encouraging Collective Action and Anti-corruption globally and in each G20 country.
For further information about the B20 recommendations on Transparency and Anti-corruption or the work of the B20 Task Force.

B20 and G20 discuss practical measures to reduce corruption

The B20 presented its interim recommendations on measures to curb corruption to the G20 at a meeting in Moscow on February 26, 2013.

The B20 Task Force on improving Transparency and Anti-corruption was represented by Andrei Bougrov, Vice President of RSPP, the Union of Entrepreneurs, and Brook Horowitz, Director of Business Standards at the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF). The Task Force comprises senior executives from about 50 companies and business associations from G20 countries.

Anti-Corruption taskforce members took part in G20 meeting on February, 26

Andrei Bougrov, Chairman of Task Force on Transparency and Anti-Corruption and
Brook Horowitz, member of TF participated in G20
Anti-Corruption Working Group Meeting on February 20, 2013.


Task Force on Transparency and Anticorruption Secretariat Contacts

Elena Abramova
Marketing Director of the Branch Office in Russia
International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF)   
Tel. +7499 9297955

Alexander Astapovich
Adviser to Senior Managing Director
Interros Company 
Tel. +7495 7856355

Brook Horowitz
Director Business Standards
International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF)   
Tel. +44 (0)20 7467 3600

Elena Shtykanova  
Adviser to Senior Managing Director
Interros Company 
Tel. +7495 7856355

Boris Tkachenko
Head of the Branch Office in Russia
International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF)   
Tel. +7499 9297955


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