Innovation and Development as a Global Priority

Task Force " Innovation and Development as a Global Priority " follows in some features "ICT and Innovation" group, acting in 2012. The novelty of the group was reconsidered in the title and the content supplemented by two branches, which, according to the developers, are the main sources and agents of innovation – energy and biotechnology (including food production). The originators of Russian development institution – Skolkovo Foundation moved in the same vein, which was the reason for assigning it as the Task Force lead.

Taskforce "Innovation and Development as a Global Priority" is created on the basis of Russia's leading development institution - Skolkovo Foundation and focuses on maximum utilization of innovations in everyday life, making recommendations to remove barriers to their implementation, and creating conditions for the realization of creative human potential by the example of participating companies.

The steering committee considered energy, biotech (including food production) and ICT sectors to be in major need for institutional framework, facilitating knowledge & technological transfer and cross-border cooperation.

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Chairman: Viktor Vekselberg, President, Skolkovo Foundation

Born on April, 14, 1957 in Drohobych, Lvov region, Ukraine.

Graduated magna cum laude from the Moscow Transportation Engineering Institute and completed post-graduate studies in the Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences. Candidate of mathematical sciences.

In 1990 Victor Vekselberg founded an investment and business development company Renova (first a Russian-American joint enterprise) and became Chairman of the Board of Directors. Currently holds a post of the Chairman of Board of directors of Renova Group.

In 1996 co-founded SUAL Holding and was the President of SUAL Group until 2003, when became a Chairman of Board of directors.

Since September, 2003 Viktor Vekselberg is the member of the Board of Directors of the TNK-BP oil company.

Since 2005: the Executive Director for Gas Development division of the TNK-BP, and since 2009 – the Executive Director of TNK-BP.

From 2007 – to March 13, 2012 he worked as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the United Company Rusal (UC Rusal).

Viktor Vekselberg is a member of the governing board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), he acts there as chairman of the Committee on International Affairs of the RSPP.

In March 2010, the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev appointed Viktor Vekselberg the head of the Russian part of the Skolkovo Innovation Center project. President of Skolkovo Foundation.



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Task Force role


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Biotech, Energy


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Partner (ICT)


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Biotech, Energy, ICT


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Schneider Electric  Energy


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The world economy has been slowing down. This is a concern for governments as well as for business. To change course in a direction of sustainable and dynamic growth and to create new impulses, it is essential to define priorities and to focus on the aspects of development capable of yielding the most effective results in the near future.

Major challenges of the 21st century lie in the sphere of energy, biotech (including food production), and ICT development. Both the biggest risks and the most significant opportunities are embedded in these industries.

This taskforce will reflect on potential solutions for encouraging innovation breakthroughs in these areas of economy. Shaping global institutional design to promote innovation and economic development is going to be at the center of this taskforce's agenda. Specifically, the following issues will be discussed:

• Facilitating technology transfer in biotech, energy, and ICT – critical areas for development – to promote growth and overcome imbalances in the world economy, and

• Establishing a global framework for fair competition and cooperation in energy, biotech, and ICT areas to stimulate innovative development of the world economy. 

The priorities list in full is available at the link.





December, 12 – 2012


First Task Force Sherpas' meeting

Main directions and Agenda development Task Force divided in 3 subgroups – Biotech (including food production), Energy, ICT

January, 24 – 2013


Task Force member companies' CEO-level meeting


February, 14 – 2013

Online conference

Conference call, involving co-chairs, group sherpas and companies' representatives

  1. Task Force next steps plan
  2. Task Force participation of target groups in the Durban BRICS summit

February, 18 - March, 24 – 2013

Online session

5-week working Q&A session and remote brainstorm

Task Force to consider questions based on the prepared agenda on a weekly basis.
Key step in the process of gathering materials for recommendations.

March, 20 – 2013


Task Force meeting within Russian Business Week

Unveiling Recommendations' Green Book

March, 26-27 – 2013


BRICS Summit

Several Task Force leaders, representing BRICS countries, delivered thesis on Task Force activities for the Summit guests

April, 2013

Online session

Writing recommendations

From collected materials to solid recommendations

April, 26 – 2013


Task Force member companies' CEO-level meeting

CEOs, examining recommendations' book point-by-point

June, 3


Energy subsector Task Force member meeting

Discussing the most relevant for Russian context as well as for the global agenda Task Force recommendations

June, 21 – 2013

St. Petersburg

B20 Summit within SPIEF

B20 Summit at the SPIEF: preliminary report with recommendations

July - August 2013

Online session

White book preparation

Preparation and submission of final recommendations

July - August 2013

Under consideration

Under consideration

B20 Steering Committee meeting for official presentation of the final recommendations to the G20 Sherpas

July, 25-26


Sherpas meeting

White Book presentation

September, 5-6 – 2013


G20 Summit

Presentation of the final B20 report and recommendations for G20

The Innovation Taskforce held its final meeting within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

On June 20, 2013 at the Business 20’s Summit (B20) and as part of the SPIEF, a panel meeting of the Taskforce «Innovation and Development as a Global Priority» headed by the Taskforce Chairman and the Skolkovo FoundationPresident Viktor Vekselberg was held. The Taskforce’s recommendations, now included in the ‘Green Book’ contemplated to underpin the ‘White Book’ and to be presented to the G20’s political leaders, were discussed at the meeting. The Taskforce Co-Chairmen: Jean-Pascal Tricoire, President and CEO of Schneider Electric, Paul Stoffels, Head of R&D programmes for Johnson &Johnson and Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals Division Co-Chairman of the Board, Fulvio Conti, CEO and General Manager of ENEL and Kris Gopalakrishnan, co-founder and CEO of Infosys.

Innovations and Development as a Global Priority Task Force co-chairs meeting was held in London, on April 26, 2013

It was headed by the Task Force Chair Viktor Vekselberg and evolved around discussion and highlighting the key points in the set of recommendations for G20 policymakers, that will be presented at the B20 Summit within St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in June in the form of Green (preliminary) Book.

Session "The role of innovations in industry development and its’ competitiveness increase"

The session - “The role of innovations in industry development and its’ competitiveness increase" - was held on March 20, 2013 within the framework of the Russian Business Week.  It was organized by Innovation and Development as a Global Priority B20 task force. The discussion was focused on two sectors represented by companies participating in the task force - energy and information and communication technology.  Each industry was presented by one report dedicated to a specific aspect of task force's recommendations.  In the second part of the event, participants had an opportunity to discuss the presented materials at length in separate groups.

Upcoming events

B20 working session " Challenges of innovative business through the eyes of Russian start-ups" 

Taskforce on Innovation: from Davos to Durban

B20 taskforce “Innovation and Development as a Global Priority” held a meeting at the WEF in Davos.

On January, 24 in Davos B20 taskforce “Innovation and Development as a Global Priority” held an extended meeting,
which was the first event at the highest level after Russia’s inauguration as the leader of G20 and, accordingly,
coordinator of member countries business associations’ informal network.
The discussion goal was to gather the taskforce members’ views on the emerging agenda and
to attract new participants from the target industries.

Sherpa Igor Drozdov
Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Counsel, Skolkovo Foundation

Sherpa Alexey Ivanov
Legal Policy and Social Development Department Director, Skolkovo Foundation


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