B20 sessions agenda at SPIEF 2013

1. The В20 Summit Date and schedule

The В20 Summit will be taking place on June 20, 2013 in St Petersburg, Russia.
The B20 Summit program will be divided up into 6 sessions, each devoted to the topic covered by respective Task Force, and a plenary session.
The draft schedule: TF sessions – 9:00 am - 11:00 am (Pavilions 3, 5, 8), plenary session - 11:30 am - 1:00 pm (Pavilion 8.a).

You can find sessions schedule below

9.0011.00 B20 Task Forces Sessions (B20 TF Recommendations – Green Book Presentation and Open Discussions)



Task Force


Session 1


Investments and Infrastructure

Pavilion 8, Conference Hall 8.3

Session 2


Transparency and Anti-corruption

Pavilion 3

Session 3


Financial System – Restoring Confidence and Growth

Pavilion 5, Conference Hall 5.2

Session 4


Trade as a Growth Driver

Pavilion 8, Conference Hall 8.2

Session 5


Innovation and Development as Global Priorities

Pavilion 5, Conference Hall 5.1

Session 6


Job Creation, Employment and Investments in Human Capital

Pavilion 5, Conference Hall 5.3

Detailed B20 Summit program is available by here

2. How to become a participant

Participation in the В20 events (TF meetings and В20 plenary session) is free of charge.
To participate in SPIEF meetings you will need to purchase a Standard or a Premium participant's package. For more information, go to the SPIEF webpage http://www.forumspb.com/ru/sections/11/materials/97
A limited number of Premium packages will be distributed free of charge according to В20 Summit quota. Additional information regarding the free-of-charge packages will be delivered to respective participants directly.

3. Registration of participants

To register as a B20 Summit participant the TF and member organization Sherpas are required to send their lists of participants to Kseniya Tsygankova and Polina Savchuk filled out according to the specified format.
Complete lists of registered Summit participants is placed on the В20 webpage.
Registration for new participants stopped on 10.06.13.
To participate in the SPIEF sessions, guests will be required to complete the registration form on the SPIEF webpage. Please let Kseniya Tsygankova know once you have registered online and mark the respective cell in the registration form.
After registering for B20 Summit through Kseniya Tsygankova and Polina Savchuk all participants should have received login and password for accreditation through SPIEF webpage.
To get accreditation at SPIEF participants should follow the link http://s16.g20org.ru/ and insert all required information.
If participants have not received login and password by the end of the day 11.06.13, they are requested to inform Kseniya Tsygankova and Polina Savchuk by email.

4. Participants accreditation and badges distribution

B20 Summit participants accreditation and badges distribution will be held at the Hotel Vvedensky, as well as at all SPIEF Accreditation Points. Detailed list of SPIEF Accreditation Points could be found at SPIEF web-site http://www.forumspb.com/sections/11/materials/98
To receive the badges participants must present their passports. The badges can be received by authorized representatives, who must present their passport and authorization letter. 
You can download authorization letter form here  http://www.forumspb.com/bfx-cc/system/uploads/docs/Power_of_Attorney_ru.pdf

5. Conference rooms for the В20 events

B20 Summit sessions will be open for all SPIEF participants. The only constraint on attendance and participation will be room capacity. Please find below the information on the room capacity

Pavilion 3 – 200 people
Conference Hall 8.2 – 190 people
Conference Hall 5.1 – 110 people
Conference Hall 5.2 – 114 people
Conference Hall 5.3 – 114 people
Conference Hall 8.3 – 145 people

Task force conference halls to be designed in unified style. Design is carried out by SPIEF. Conference halls are designed with SPIEF, G20, B20, and RSPP logos. Logos of the other companies will not be used.
Simultaneous translation (English/Russian) will be provided at each Conference Hall for TF sessions and the Plenary session.
On-line translation for TF sessions will be available at TF respective pages on B20 website. On-line translation for plenary session will be available at B20 website main page (b20russia.com).

6. B20 Summit preparation issues

Technical equipment of conference halls is provided in accordance with technical template (provided earlier for each conference hall). Any additional specifications to be added at conference halls check on 19.06.13.

Final check of the conference halls in terms of their preparedness for B20 sessions is done in advance by Task forces and B20 Executive Committee representatives on 19.06.13 (at 9pm, meeting point is at Star Bar). Access to the conference halls is restricted by specified list. One participant from each group is admitted.
B20 Summit participants will be able to have lunch at general SPIEF lunch areas

7. Hotel in St Petersburg

100 (single and double) rooms will be reserved for the В20 Summit participants at the 'Vvedensky' Hotel at 37, Bolshoy Prospect P. S. The booking comes as a three-day package only (June 18 – 21, breakfast included). Price for the three-day package: RUR 62,100 for a single room, and RUR 66,960 for a double room (VAT included). Participants are expected to pay for the booking and for hotel accommodation in full. According to the hotel cancellation policy, late cancellation (after June 11) incurs a 100% late cancellation charge.
To book a room at the hotel please contact Alla Antonenko, t. +7 (812) 332-45-91, ext. 9663, reservation_spb@alrosa-hotels.ru and submit your reservation details to K. Tsygankova and P. Savchuk (the last column in the B20 Summit registration from).
Number of available rooms booked for B20 Summit participants in the Hotel Vvedensky (as of 19.06.13) - to be confirmed.

8. Logistics

The organizers do not cover Summit participants' travel expenses.
The delegates will be met in the airport/railway station by G20 personnel. No free transfer service will be provided, but G20 personnel will help all the participants to order a taxi.
Free shuttle service between the Vvedensky hotel and the Lenexpo meeting venue will be provided. The shuttle schedule will be available at the Information Desks at the Vvedensky hotel and at the meeting venue.

It is recommended to use taxi cabs with special taxi service insignia. Delegates can order a taxi in advance, using the following telephone number:
Taxi service: +7 812 326 0000
The fare for the taxi may be counted by the manager in advance, if required. The payment is accepted in Russian rubles. Only cash payments are accepted.

9. Handout Materials

Only copies of the Green Book will be printed out for distribution among SPIEF participants.
Other TF materials are restricted by list approved by B20 Russia Steering Committee and SPIEF.
TF are responsible for handout materials delivery to SPIEF. Delivery deadlines:

  • 14.06.13 for materials distributed at all B20 sessions
  • 19.06.13 – for materials distributed at respective TF sessions (materials to be delivered to Pavilion 9, floor 3, at warehouse). 

10. Reception for B20 Summit participants.

We would like to inform you that the special reception in the Yusupov palace will be organized for the B20 Summit participants on 20 June 2013 from 19.00 to 23.00. The reception will include the excursion of the palace as well as small concerts (flute, violin etc) and dinner.

Preliminary draft of reception agenda is attached

Registered guests of B20 Summit can confirm their participation through their personal web office at SPIEF web page. Due to limited capacity of the Yusupov palace only 130 guests can visit the reception. Invitations are issued after participation confirmation through personal web office on first come first served basis. Only guests with invitations will be admitted to the Reception.

The scheme of invitation issue for B20 guests for the Reception in the Yusupov palace:

1) The B20 guest is to tick a box in respective section of personal web office.
2) The guest is to pick an invitation from 17.06.2013 to 20.06.2013 at the "Cultural program" desk in the exhibition center Lenexpo (4th pavilion) Invitations are issued on the basis of the list of guests who confirmed their participation through personal web office.
3) If there are ~ 130 willing guests by 20.06.2013, registration is closed.
4) If there are fewer than 130 willing guests (those who confirmed their participation through personal web office) by 20.06.2013, invitations are issued (one per person) for any B20 summit guest who would like to visit the Reception.
5) The participants are required to show their official badge of B20 guest in order to get an invitation.

The information of the Yusupov palace is available at: http://www.saint-petersburg.com/museums/yusupov-palace/

11. Contacts

Your principal contacts to assist you with the Summit participation will be 
• Kseniya Tsygankova - TsygankovaKV@rspp.ru, t. +7 495 663-04-04, ext. 1154, mobile +7-916-227-29-85,
• Polina Savchuk - SavchukPV@rspp.ru, t. +7 495 663-04-04, ext. 1155, mobile +7-916-224-67-43

Do not hesitate to call or email them if you have questions concerning the list of participants, hotel booking, logistics etc.

List of participants who submitted an application to B20 summit at SPIEF (as of 13.06)

Administrative Circular for B20 Summit participant



B20 Summit program at St.Petersburg International Economic Forum

The В20 Summit will be taking place on June 20, 2013in St Petersburg, Russia.

The Summit program will be divided up into 6 sessions, each devoted to the topic covered by this or that Task Force, and a plenary session, all in the form of open panel discussion.

The draft schedule: TF sessions - 9:00 - 11:00 am (Pavilion 5), plenary session - 11:30 am - 1:00 pm (Pavilion 3).

Pavilions schemes:

Pavilion 3

Pavilion 5




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